Beloved Family

While all the dogs we have are our pets first, before any competitions in which they compete

there are  those who exist here for the sole purpose of giving and receiving love.


Our Matriarch

Tailer is the eldest member of the canine family.  On July 21, 2008 we bid

farewell to this feisty friend.  We'll miss you, Puppa! 


The Princess

Jetta is Tailer's half sister.  Being born only days before Christmas, it is her favorite holiday.


The Boi

Photo Coming Soon!

Bingo is Lexie's litter mate brother.

His first few years of life were not everything his breeders had hoped for him.

He has found his forever home in our hearts.



Mousse is a sweet girl and Sigon's best friend.



Photo Coming Soon!


Xena is Carson's best friend..


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