Windamir Uturn of Tara

Ch Windamirs Uturn Heads of Tara, CGC


Ch. Windamirs Uturn Head of Tara winning Winners Bitch at under judge  Barbara Dempsey Alderman

 before her first birthday

to finish her AKC Championship.  She was shown by her owner, Tanya Kaminski. 








Ch Windamirs Uturn Heads of Tara possesses a coat which is short and dense along with being smooth and close lying.   To touch her, she feels smooth, without excessive silkiness.  Her shiny coat lacks bald spots.  Her properly placed markings are the desired rich, mahogany.   On her head, her muzzle is mahogany, though her nose and nasal bone are jet black.  She has symmetrical mahogany spots on each cheek and above each eye.  Her under-jaw and throat bare a distinct v-shaped mahogany marking.  Ch Windamirs Uturn Heads of Tara has mahogany legs from her knee downward, as well as inside her hindlegs.  The vent area, under her tail is marked with a mahogany heart.  She has moderate sized, symmetrical rosettes in mahogany on her chest.  Ch Windamirs Uturn Heads of Tara bares exemplary German Pinscher markings. 

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