Windamir Ukon des Charmettes

Ch. Windamirs Taj des Charmettes


Shown above winning Best of Winners for her Champion title in Ohio.  She was shown by her owner, Joelle Kaminski.  Thank you, judge Richard Beauchamp.

Co-Owners:  Tanya Kaminski, Tom Kaminski and Sharon Morgan

Black and Tan German Pinscher

Ch. Windamir Taj des Charmettes has a beautiful head and side gait.  She made a wonderful contribution to our breeding program (see below).  She is now happily retired in Michigan with other Pinschers of all sizes.  She is especially found of her rescue sister, Lil Miss.

Champion Progeny

Ch. Chosen I've Arrived

Finished out of the Bred-By Class


Ch. Chosen Shocking Pink Tourmaline

Finished out of the Bred-By Class


Ch. Chosen Double Exposure

Finished out of the Bred-By Class


Ch. Chosen Keeper of the Stars


*Ranked Eleventh in Breed Points in 2005.

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