Windamir Solo des Charmettes


  Westminster Kennel Club Award Of Merit Winning

Ch Windamirs Solo des Charmettes, CGC


The first conformation show dog at Tara, Willow has taught us many things,

especially how much a dog can love.  Now in semi-retirement, she makes

occasional appearances at shows with a junior handler.  While being

campaigned, Willow was consistently in the top ten in breed points, ranking

among the top five bitches.  Still known for her signature hugs and

endearing smiles, Willow makes friends wherever she goes.


*News Flash*  Willow recieves Award of Merit

at the prestigious 2007 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. 

She was owner handled by Tanya Kaminski for this exciting win. 

Watch the video of Breed Judging here.  Thank you judge Dorothy Collier.






WKC AOM Ch Windamir Solo des Charmettes possesses a powerful, elongated head which resembles a blunt wedge in both frontal and profile views.  The total length of her head from the tip of her nose to the occiput is one half the length from her withers to her tail base.  Ch Windamir Solo des Charmettes has a sharp expression which is alert and responsive.  She has medium sized, dark, oval eyes without any bulge.  Ch Windamir Solo des Charmettes has high set, symmetrical ears which she carries erect.  Her skull is flat, unwrinkled, and parallel to her muzzle.  Ch Windamir Solo des Charmettes' cheeks are beautifully flat and muscle.  Her nose is full and black. Envied by many, Ch Windamir Solo des Charmettes possesses an exemplary head, along with many other wonderful German Pinscher qualities.



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