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"The German Pinscher originated in Germany and is included in the origins of the Dobermann, the Affenpinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer and the Standard Schnauzer.


The Wire Haired and Smooth Haired Pinschers, as the Standard Schnauzer and German Pinscher were originally called, were shown in dog books as early as 1884. These medium-sized dogs descended from early European herding and guardian breeds and were not related to the superficially similar terriers of Great Britain."

The German Pinscher

The German Pinscher is the medium sized Pinscher.  This agile, alert dog makes a wonderful companion when properly socialized.  The German Pinscher is a generally health dog who will live a long life.  Extremely intelligent, the German Pinscher has the capacity to learn new tasks very quickly, though their independent nature may cause the appearance of otherwise.  The German Pinscher is a proud dog with an amazing sense of humor.  A German Pinscher should never be mean to people and aggression towards other dogs should be frowned upon.  German Pinschers are able to live happily with other breeds, contrary to reports from some people.  German Pinschers are also able to live happily with children, even though some say otherwise.  It is very important for the German Pinscher to love and respect its owner in order for this to happen.  While it is true that a German Pinscher is not for everyone, no breed is.  If you are interested in sharing your life with an energetic, loving, intelligent, stately and medium-sized dog, a German Pinscher may be what you're looking for.

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